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Millions of people suffer from back and muscular problems needlessly and simply because they have not considered purchasing a good quality orthopedic mattress. Akhtar Orthopedic mattress is one of the most important measures that you can take to ensure a good night sleep and avoid back pain and muscular discomfort.

In its optimum alignment, the human spine takes the form of a double “s” that an old or poorly supporting mattress may not be able to support. When this shape is not supported and encouraged by a good mattress, back problems can arise. Akhtar Medipedic mattresses are constructed to provide spine, skeletal and muscular support that helps to rest and support your backs contributing to our overall well being.

Product Size CFT Price
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 6 950 Tk. 13,832
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 5.5 950 Tk. 12,680
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 5 950 Tk. 11,526
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 4 950 Tk. 9,222
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 3.5 950 Tk. 8,068
MEDIPEDIC Mattress 7 x 3 950 Tk. 6,916

Our body is looking for the most comfortable sleeping position. Mattress quality has crucial importance on good night sleep. Quality mattress needs to offer long lasting good night sleep while spinal muscles and whole body are relaxed. The spine is supporting body shaft and its health affects on all body organs and the limbs mechanical movements. Therefore, exceptional orthopedic mattress properties has great importance for its therapy and prevention. The spine is first to be hurt in lumbar and neck area. In the natural position the spine retains its natural curvature. If the spine is infringe it may generate to the pain and stiffness. They have shock absorbers function. Receiving water from surrounding fluids and electrolytes, discuses becomes thicker and then they can better fulfill its role. With unnatural body position they can’t be renewed and they become thin, brittle so they can easily slip from its place. It is well known disk prolapse.